The New Anypay and Cointext Remittance Solution Aids Capital Mobility

Anypay and Cointext Remittance

The value of remittances being sent overseas and across borders is greater than ever and has teamed up with to make cross-border payments easier. For less than a U.S. penny per transaction, bitcoin cash can be easily transferred across the globe in a permissionless manner. Both startups believe that cross-border, crypto remittance can be a thousand times cheaper than traditional banks, forex firms, and even alternative financial transfer operations. When Anypay and Cointext revealed the latest partnership and the launch of the new remittance platform, Cointext founder Vin Armani detailed how low cost, decentralized payment networks like bitcoin cash can transform the remittance industry.

“One of the most overlooked prerequisites for the spread of economic prosperity and individual sovereignty is capital mobility — So often, when we see communities lifted from poverty it is due to an influx of outside capital, making an investment or purchasing goods and services from productive individuals,” Armani told after the announcement. “Entrepreneurs who have brilliant solutions to pressing problems don’t just come from the developed world.” Armani added:

Enabling money to flow, from any human on the planet to any other human on the planet, instantly and at incredibly low cost, is the great promise of Bitcoin. Bitcoin Cash enables that promise to still be realized. I know that this remittance platform with Anypay and Cointext is just the first glimpse of what will become a global movement of individuals taking back their financial sovereignty and connecting a global community dedicated to increasing human flourishing.